Create a dispute

Sometimes, disputes may arise in a transaction so we have made provision for customers to create dispute.

Once a seller rejects a returned item, they will opt for opening a dispute using the below endpoint.

Create a dispute

POST {{api_url}}/v1/dispute/create


    "status": true,
    "message": "Dispute created successfully",
    "data": {
        "dispute_code": "TRU_DIS_BWMQC7CJX2Z4MJAH",
        "description": "string",
        "buyer_id": "954c223a-11ea-4720-9538-157cc6f9d95e",
        "seller_id": "51a5acae-d2d9-410d-b7fa-d5db7ee86e01",
        "milestone_id": "c7fc8a6a-4be5-40f1-bd8f-dabc0ce2e7ae",
        "intra_party_mediation_end_date": "2023-12-31T14:29:48.389Z",
        "created_by": "ec5fe1cf-dcf3-48b9-b003-7417fea0c0f1",
        "evidence_submission_end_date": null,
        "cancellation_agreement_details": null,
        "canceled_by": null,
        "id": "c476096f-ffdc-4107-af5b-2b277bd4c9eb",
        "status": "INTRA_PARTY_MEDIATION",
        "dispute_amount_status": "PENDING",
        "dispute_amount": 0,
        "is_buyer_evidence_submitted": false,
        "is_seller_evidence_submitted": false,
        "created_at": "2023-12-28T14:29:48.459Z",
        "updated_at": "2023-12-28T14:29:48.459Z"

cURL Request

curl --location '' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'Authorization: {{secret_key}}' \
--data '{
  "description": "string",
  "buyer_id": "369ea20c-212b-4b2a-9f87-31c7b11dec58",
  "seller_id": "7c4e5b33-eb74-41fd-8f07-230cfaeb2439",
  "milestone_id": "c7fc8a6a-4be5-40f1-bd8f-dabc0ce2e7ae"

Intra-party Mediation

Both parties of the dispute case can elect to have their dispute arbitrated by the Dispute Team. The role of the Dispute Team extends to making all actions necessary to resolve the case in an impartial and evidential manner. The verdict of the Dispute Team is final.

Stage 1: Creating the dispute and identifying the issue.

When a seller rejects the retuned goods or services, they can initiate the dispute process by clicking “Create a Dispute” and can include a description of the issue and an explanation of why the dispute is being opened. Only the present milestone payment or the unpaid payment of the transaction can be disputed, not past payments.

Stage 2: Intraparty mediation.

In all circumstances, Trustcrow strongly encourages both the parties to amicably resolve transaction issues or disputes between themselves before using the dispute team as a last resort. Within 3 business days of the dispute arising, the parties shall use their best efforts to resolve a dispute through negotiation before submitting to Trustcrow’s dispute resolution process. At this stage, the parties shall have the opportunity to:

  • Tell their side of the story and/or also negotiate terms to resolve the issue between themselves.

  • Enter the amount they are prepared to pay for the transaction (if a Buyer) or wish to get paid for the transaction (if a Seller). The amount could be between 0 and the total amount of the Milestone Payment(s) in question.

  • Cancel the Dispute after coming to an understanding. If the parties are able to resolve the dispute through negotiation, they shall promptly notify Trustcrow of the negotiation terms. If the parties are unable to do so, they may decide to submit themselves to Trustcrow’s dispute resolution process.

Stage 3: Evidence submission.

Each party has a maximum of 3 business days to present detailed evidence to support their respective positions. Subject to a request from either party, Trustcrow can extend the timeframe for the parties to present evidence to support their respective positions. Such evidence can include contracts, receipts, pictures/videos, texts, audio etc. It is vital to keep records throughout the transaction until it is concluded. If shipping or way-billing an item, record a video of the goods at the point of loading and collection. If taking receipt of the goods, record a video of the goods at the point of collection and opening the goods. The dispute will be resolved based upon the evidence provided through the Platform, or that is otherwise available to Trustcrow, such as the project description, contract uploaded at transaction creation and correspondence between the parties. Where parties are unable to produce detailed evidence to support their respective positions, Trustcrow would be unable to render a verdict concerning such dispute and decline to arbitrate over such dispute. In that instance, parties may choose to explore alternate dispute resolution options. If either party fails to respond to the dispute or otherwise comply with a demand from Trustcrow within the time permitted, they will automatically lose their right to the dispute including the right to the escrowed funds which will be transferred to the counterparty. All parties involved in the transaction are required to check their Trustcrow Account regularly while their transaction is ongoing.

Stage 4: Arbitration.

The dispute team will review all evidence and other information provided to reach a decision (usually within 5 business days).

After Trustcrow renders a verdict on a dispute, the parties can 1) conclude the balance milestones in the transaction, or 2) terminate the transaction.

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